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Abeka Trad.Schedule-Seasoned Abeka Moms- Add new baby to mix

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We just finished up Abeka Kindergarten!! Yay, and now onto 1st Grade!! I was wondering if any other Abeka traditional homeschoolers, could help out!!


I was so excited to begin planning for 1st grade and have ordered my curriculum and am reorganizing my room!!! Knowing with a 1st grader, and an 18 month old boy "my explorer" scheduling and consistency would be key next year!! Then we found out we are expecting a new little one in January!! Suddenly I went into panic mode!!! How am I going to do Abeka 1st grade with 2 little ones!! Anyway enough backstory :)


So I have several questions!! First off I really like Abeka,I like the structure and feel very comfortable with it!! I know the benefits and that is what we have chosen for our family!!

So question number one- any tips on juggling toddlers, newborns and 1st grade??? I have recently found the work box idea and will start that to keep my daughter on task and working independently when she can!! But how do you structure your day?? We did maybe 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day for Kindergarten!! I know 1st grade will be more time consuming!!


Question 2- can I do a 4 day school week with Abeka,or is it better to stick to 5 day school week!!


Last Question- Any Tips on preparing and scheduling for when the new baby arrives?? I know my daughter does so much better when we keep consistent with school!! I am so afraid the new little one will throw us off our routine and I don't want her to suffer!! Just trying to plan some things that will help!!


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The DVDs...have been a lifesaver. I still eliminate some of the seatwork.


Otherwise, I would strip first grade down to penmanship, arithmetic, and phonics...do FLL 1 (because it is FAST, and effective) and other than get lots of audio books...the grammar, spelling, history, science, art projects, etc. are fun and nice...but when push comes to shove, those things can all go by the wayside in 1st grade!

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My children are 2, 4, 6, and 8. I've been where you're at/will be. For the newborn...you need a sling. Get him/her in it asap to adjust to being in it, babies love them. It gives you your two hands for living. It's also not too hard to sit and nurse or feed the baby while teaching. You'll find your middle child to be the challenge. Start now and build up a few boxes of school activities that only come out at school time. There are tons of suggestions online. Some things I've used are dominoes, lacing cards, the dry erase crayons on the boards the big kids use, their own notebook to color in, simple puzzles, tactile things to count and sort etc. You can also decide if you're opposed to some cartoons or educational dvds for that child at that time.

As for the big kid...we start our day all together doing calendar. I try to involve everyone in counting days of the months etc. We have a (non-Abeka) Bible lesson where I give everyone the same coloring sheet and they all feel involved. I'll even ask my 2 year old what she thinks of something, she loves it. Then, with the ages you'll have, I'd start oldest on some writing work/copy work while you tend to the other children and get them settled down. Then you should be able to start a math lesson. Do all the teaching, do not stop for worksheets or even speed drills. Teach. Then go through the instructions for her work. She can work while you tend to the other or the house. Then come back and do the phonics/reading lesson, again skipping worksheets and saving them for later. I actually do the math lesson and the phonics/reading back to back then set them free with their work. I check their work later when I have a moment and we go over corrections together. Our Bible and core work is done before lunch. They have a nice long lunch break. After lunch we have history or science, they rotate days. American History is actually an independent read for my second grader. We are doing SOTW/VP all together. I don't know much about Abeka science b/c we're using RSO/Mr.Q. But you could still work on that same schedule.

It really seems to work for us.

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