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Anybody want to play a very preliminary round of "chance" him?

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My son got a mailing from Goucher College yesterday and kind of fell in love. We spent some time poking around the website, and it does seem like it might be a great fit for him in a variety of ways.


He's only now finishing 10th grade. So, he has plenty of time to change his mind or change course, but I thought it might be "fun" to do one of those "chance him" conversations like they do on College Confidential.


Here's what I know this far:


Current GPA: 3.67 (unweighted) - About half of his transcript is "Mommy classes," and the other half is FLVS and Aleks. As of today, he's done honors courses in English, math and science (one in each area). He's due to start dual enrollment at the community college in in the fall, taking three courses per semester.


ACT: Composite 27 (He'll take it once more.), English 28, Math 25, Reading 31, Science 25


Assuming he continues on the current/planned track for the next couple of years, he'll graduate with:


4 - 5 credits of English

4 credits of college-prep-type Math (through College Algebra) plus one additional elective math credit

3 - 4 credits of Social Sciences

2 credits of Latin

1 credit of Spanish

3 - 5 credits of performing arts


He plans to earn a 17-credit certificate in entertainment-stage technology at the community college, in addition to finishing up high school requirements, while dual enrolled.



- Lots of dance. He specializes in tap (will have been tapping for about 10 years by the time he's applying) but also takes ballet, tumbling and jazz. He competes on his studio's tap team and also as a solo and half of a duo and has started winning regional awards, especially in the solo and duet categories.

- He is an assistant teacher for two tap classes at the dance studio and is being trained to teach a class on his own soon. He is scheduled to assist with one of their week-long day camps this summer, too.

- Theatre, including some lead roles in community theatre productions.

- Choir. He's in his fourth or fifth year of singing with a pretty serious choir. During his time with them, they have sung at the White House and done a two-week tour in England. They have been invited to participate in a new choral festival at Carnegie Hall in the summer of 2014.


Community Service

- He's logged almost 150 hours as a junior counselor for day camps at a local children's theatre and will do more for the next two summers.

- He's earned another 100 or more doing demonstrations and staffing exhibitions at the local science museum.

- He was recently invited to join a special team at the science museum that helps to build and test new exhibits. We don't know yet how big a committment that will be.


So, what do we think? How do his chances look for admission to a small but well-thought-of liberal arts college like Goucher in a couple of years? Is he on track? Are there weaknesses I should steer him toward addressing?


(Obviously, more is better. Higher test scores would be good, as would a higher GPA and an extra year or two of foreign language. But, anything else?)

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With his course schedule, GPA and test scores, I don't think he'll have any trouble getting in as their acceptance rate is fairly high. It's great that he's begun to look at colleges. What he might want to do is make a list of the things he likes about the college and look for others with these same attributes so he can compare them.

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I found the collegedata.com website to be very helpful as I weeded through dd's college choices and matched her against this website. I'd never heard of it, but it was mentioned to me by an older gentleman who did admissions interviews for Univ. of Denver. That website, along with CC, turned out to be my top go-to sites while checking out schools.

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