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Spanish for Children


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I used SfC several years ago with my dd and neither of us were gung ho about it. However, I still own it and want to give it another shot with my younger girls. I am wondering if adding the DVD to it would be worthwhile? They would probably enjoy the DVD aspect, but does it expand the teaching enough to make it worth the extra money?


I appreciate all opinions.

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Same experience here. We got about halfway through it this year. I don't love it, but never found anything I was excited about. DD only used the free online audio downloads all year, and she never got excited about Spanish. I thought they introduced too many tenses in each chapter. Luckily the library is a great source of all things Spanish: children's books, books on C.D, videos and the like. So I major supplemented. Since we only got halfway through the book this year and I didn't need to spend any $ on new Spanish books I bought the DVDs at convention. There is not a lot to them, but my dds were excited by them, so I am glad I went for it. Hopefully, if we review frequently some will stick.


FTR, I bought a public school Spanish text at a used book sale for all of 50 cents. I like the looks of it a lot better. We will continue with it instead of going on w/SFC B after we finish SFC A.

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