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Help Plan my road trip Nashville to Calgary


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I am taking a car trip with my 7, 8, 10 yr children this month. We are driving from Nashville to Calgary the last few weeks of June. I am looking for great stops along the way. I am flexible on driving a little out of the way but mostly I am looking for a direct route. The current ideas are St Louis "City Museum" and Mount Rushmore.


I need more ideas. Instead of surfing the web for hours I am turning to the you ladies for help.

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Wow, that's a long way!

Step 1: Buy airplane tickets

Step 2: Board airplane

Step 3: Arrive in Calgary a few hours later

Step 4: Breathe a sigh of relief


Just kidding! Sort of.


Seriously though, what is the route you're planning on taking? If we knew that, it might help to give you ideas that are close to your route or not too far out of the way.


The STL museum is great.

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