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Itchy math feet - please help me stay the course!


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Miquon is going fine. I wonder if I'm missing something at times though because DS rarely needs me to teach anything and rarely reaches for the rods. For the most part he is independently filling out worksheets. He should be done with Blue in a couple of weeks. We have all the books available but he doesn't have a great interest in (formal) math to spend much time on it each day or to pursue specific threads so he just does the next thing.


Every three to four weeks I find myself over at the Math Mammoth site checking out placement and prices thinking that a single curriculum right now with a more standard scope and sequence would satisfy my itchy feet.


Sometimes I even think about MEP but its not so standard either and there is something about standard that entices me. It sounds comfy, familiar and secure.


Can someone please say something to settle me down and help me focus?

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