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ISO a lab book for middle school bio

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I am wondering if there is a lab book available out there that is a good, solid resource for middle school Bio, similar to this one. Or can this be done at a middle school level? I'm looking for something similar to this but for Bio.


I do not plan to do all the labs in the book but I am searching for an introduction to formal labs for my 7th grader. She's a willy-nilly sort of kid and all over the place and I want to begin teaching her proper procedure and technique. I want her to be able to do a lab write up as well as follow detailed instructions as she puts together a lab by herself. I'm basically wanting something to guide her in being more systematic about things while gearing up for high school in a low pressure sort of way.


Currently when she is done an experiment she is very blah about doing the write up follow it, and could do a better job of her diagrams (she does well if she's interested but this isn't always the case). A good resource for us would encourage her to follow a lab through to the bitter end, even if she doesn't want to. I don't intend to do a whole ton with her but would like to do some of the more interesting ones. We did CPO Earth Science this year and I like how they introduced their lab work which included a graphing activity at the end. It was a bit of an eye opener for dd that there is a way to do things and took her some time to get used to the idea. I don't know for certain what the future holds so part of my goal in attaining such a lab book would be to prepare her should she have to go to PS in the near future.


I don't have any resources chosen for next year so something that offers interesting experiments/labs would be valuable to me as well.


What says the Hive... does something like this exist?

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Any reason you don't want to use CPO Bio? I actually liked that better than their Earth Science.



I'm thinking about it but after searching past threads it seems a lot of people here are using it with their 5th graders so I am wondering if it is going to be enough for my 7th grader who, despite her struggles with math, is quite advanced in all other areas. It is something I am considering. I sure wish I could get the teacher book for less than $45. :ack2:

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