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Latin vocabulary for the reluctant mind

plain jane

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Would you mind sharing your best tips to have your child to learn their Latin vocabulary when they are an 11yo girl and put up a stink about doing so? Dd is working through Wheelocks and is really putting up a fight with learning the vocabulary. It frustrates me. She enjoys the translations and the working through the text but doesn't like getting down to the nitty gritty of memorizing the vocab.


What has worked best for your children? Flash cards? I could use some tips and tricks to get this child to learn her vocabulary on a consistent basis and stop rolling her eyes at me regarding this. Oh they joys of the tween years. :glare:

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I have no experience with teaching Latin yet. For me, writing it out over and over again helps.

It helped with the times tables in primary school. It is helping with the Latin declensions now.

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