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If you have used both Figuratively Speaking and Poetry and Prose (Walch Toolbox),


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did you use them concurrently or in successive years? If you used them concurrently, which one was your main resource?




We used them in separate years -- Figuratively Speaking along about 6th/7th grade, and Prose & Poetry along about 8th/9th grade.


Figuratively Speaking includes short exercises for working with the figures of speech, or finding them in a short passage, which made it a better first exposure than Prose & Poetry, which tends to more focus on giving an extended definition for each figure of speech. In addition, a good portion of Prose & Poetry covers types of poetry and a very general overview of poetry explication, which made it a good go-along in late middle school, / early high school, when we started analyzing poetry.


Finally, in using both, I do think Figuratively Speaking is more geared for first exposure and is at an early middle school level, which Prose & Poetry seems much more focused on the poetry, and for a late middle school / early high school level. JMO.


Personally, I think it would be a bit much to do both simultaneously. Even though there is some overlap, doing the Prose & Poetry in a later year makes for good review. JMO! BEST of luck, however you decide to use these resources. Warmly, Lori D.

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