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What would you do with an unexpected afternoon & evening alone?

Sherri in MI

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Ds is unexpectedly at a friend's house 9:30 tonight. Last minute thing. Not sure what to do with myself. Funds are very limited & gas are limiited. Friends are busy.


I have lots of work to do: school planning, co-op prep for next year, housework, laundry, set up our new internet service, etc., grocery shopping, meal planning.


Would love to take advantage of the beautiful weather. But I have to watch how much gas I use.


I'm also not liking being alone lately. Usually I'm cool with it, but I'm feeling very lonely lately.


I really need cash. Wish I could just show up somewhere & just work for 8 hours and earn some quick cash.


What would you do with this much time on your own?

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I LOVE being alone at home and don't have that situation very often. I like to putter, have the remote control to myself, cook, read, work in my yard, etc., etc. I know that isn't helpful for you. I just like being home alone.

If it's not something you enjoy, I would use the time to get the things done that you mentioned and do something fun at another time.

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