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Would someone please come clean my house for me so I can plan for next year?


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My house is a mess. I don't want to clean my house. I want to make plans for the upcoming school year.


I have to procrastinate one or the other--really, the messy house is more urgent. BUT is it more important? There are messes to clean every day, and there is never extra time for planning. And the planning needs to be done sometime or things don't run smoothly...


Really, I just need a clone of myself. That or a full-time housekeeper/cook/nanny.

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Can you choose what parts of the house are most important to clean now, and do those? Can you do a five or ten-minute scramble and pick up other areas wtihout deep cleaning? Hopefully your older kids can help you. I find that clutter bothers me more than dust or dirt. If the place is picked up, the dirt can be dealt with whenever, and it is easier to clean then.


If you feel the need (or just WANT to, or have the motivation) to plan for next year, DO it. The house isn't going anywhere.

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