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Goosebumps Movies??

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Our fairly conservative family generally doesn't watch horror, supernatural stuff as we just don't feel comfortable with exposure to that kind of thing. However, my 12 year old daughter enjoys the books and we don't have a problem with them. She has an upcoming slumber party and wanted to watch one of the movies. I've done a bit of research but can't really find any good reviews of these movies. If you've seen them, are they really disturbing or just a bit scary? Is there gore? Do you feel comfortable with your children watching these? I realize each family is different, but would love a little perspective from those who have seen them.

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My dd went through a stage of being absolutely enthralled with scary movies while at the same time being terrified of them. I remember her watching her first "Goosebumps" movie in a condo when we were traveling. She was about 11 years old and would NOT sleep the entire night. I had to sleep with her.


Of course, about a month later, she asked to watch another one.


It depends on the particular show, but even I found a couple of them a bit scary. It seemed to be a stage with her and she only watched a few of them, but the funny thing was that they did seem to help her get past a "stage" of development. It really opened up a lot of discussion about what she (and we as a family) believed regarding the supernatural stuff. It also allowed for a lot of discussion regarding how the filming was actually done and how fake the "scary" stuff really was.


It was a short stage in her life, but looking back on it now, I think she really grew from those silly shows. I remember watching old Twilight Zones and having the same sort of reaction when I was about her age.

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Depends on the episode, I think. Some of them were pretty creepy, some not. Just like that show Are You Afraid Of The Dark? that was on years ago. Little bit of bad acting, lots of insinuated creepiness.


Mine started with the Twilight Zone and well, he never really moved beyond that. LOL He's one of those kids that feels things pretty deeply and never quite shrugged it off. However corny 1950's pseudo-horror is a family favorite here! :laugh:

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