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Stopping Saxon? What do you think?

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I am currently doing Saxon 1 with my K son. We are still in the first half (he is on the younger side, so we started later in the year).


My intentions are to do Singapore math with him (which I've never used, even with my other 3 older kids), since my hubby thinks that's the way to go this time. I agree and am excited to get started!


My initial thought was to do both Saxon 1, just to finish this book, along with Singapore. But now I'm confused as if I should do that. Should I just drop Saxon 1 right now and start with Singapore? Or should I keep with Saxon 1 and just add Singapore in??


I really appreciate any advice. This is the first time I am so confused with what to do with math!!



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I started Saxon 1 with my elder dd when she was in K, and stopped in the first half of it to switch to Singapore. I started at the beginning of 1A, because Singapore encourages students to approach math facts from a different angle than Saxon does. I felt it was helpful for us both to spend some time playing with number bonds that way, particularly since my daughter had been getting discouraged with the daily math drills in Saxon.


We don't regret not finishing the Saxon book.

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We tried Saxon for part of 1st and 3rd grades and it was like enduring a long, slow toothache :glare: . When we tried again for Saxon 5/4, it was a whole different ball game. We used Singapore for first through third grades.


I felt exactly the same way! My two oldest are working on 54 and 87 now.

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