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Summer Math Enrichment


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If you wanted to do some math enrichment activities with rising 1st and 2nd graders over the summer, which blogs would you look to for inspiration?


My goal is to explore mathematical ideas with the kids while making sure each one is extremely comfortable with two ideas: place value and number bonds and getting some good practice in with addition and subtraction facts 0-15. and doing up to 3 digit addition and subtraction without regrouping. We might also explore integers, but only if I can pull it off.


I need some serious ideas though. I have workbooks but they just scream too boring for this time of year. I need some creative ideas for hands-on activities designed to segue into these type of ideas, know what I mean? I envision us doing 1 or 2 neat little activities during the week and then using manipulatives and then doing some worksheets on the topic or something like that.


I have time to plan because I intend to start in July 22nd. Please share your favorite math-related posts on blogs, websites, etc...

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I am doing the 3rd grade week by week essentials work using this site.


They cover all styles of learning while reviewing the skills. Logic, mental math, and even suggestions for math literature are given. Each week has a fun math game to play. If you explore the site you will find the extras needed like hundred boards, geometry pictures, graphs and more.

I actually used this site for my dd's first grade math instead of using a curriculum, with this site and a book on skills needed she went from hating math to feeling like she has a handle on it now.

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