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SL D & D/E Questions

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Hello :)


Just a few questions about SL D and SL D/E.


We are currently doing Beyond HOD, which we love. In hindsight I wish we had done SL D in conjunction this year, as the teachers note in the sample fro SL look amazing and I wish I had combined and taken our time over 2 years, but I didn't.


Which makes me look towards new year.


I am looking at combining HOD Bigger and SL D.

Has anyone done this before?


I have some questions about SL Core D. In the curriculum guide for SL, it says that Core D/E has LArts that is connected to the core. I just wondered is the Creative Expression parts connected by topics to the history portion?


I soooo wish that Core D covered up to modern times as we plan to HOD Planning the following year and so will miss out on Core E....


I have done some research and it looks like Core D/E combined is a little too fast for an 8 year old.


In terms of combining HOD and SL, I use HOD for Bible portions and the books, read alouds - history - same with SL, I use history and read alouds (not at same time as HOD's read alouds, I will adjust according to scope and sequence) and some of the Larts.


Thanks heaps!

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