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LoE and ETC love-child - Does this exist?

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I am reading Uncovering the Logic of English and watching the teacher training videos on you tube, and although I love the idea of it, LoE Essentials is just not for us. Both my dc can read and spell well, so we don't need an intensive program (therefore I would not be willing to purchase something super expensive). Right now they are using ETC (mostly review) and I like the way it introduces a 'rule' for each lesson and then there are 8-10 pages covering words using that rule (2 pages a day). But compared to LoE, their 'rules' are insufficient. I feel like I have looked at every spelling program out there and still feel like I am no closer to finding what I'm looking for.




Also, has anyone figured out how to take spelling rules and use them to make short, daily lessons? Last night I decided to just make my own ETC inspired worksheets for each LoE rule, but that would take a ridiculous amount of time. So then I thought maybe there is a painless way (for me and dc) to do this in a comp. book. Any ideas would be appreciated!

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I am not sure if you want a suggestion of a program, but have you seen Rudginsky's How to Teach Spelling (the workbooks are called How to Spell)? They are based on spelling rules, and the manual has phrases and sentences for dictation that use the rule. You could absolutely do all the HTTS work in a comp book. My kids are doing all their work in a comp book. I bought HTTS used for $8 + shipping last year, Amazon is currently selling it for about $25 new. Its ISBN is 838818471. **You do not need the teacher key. You may find the workbooks useful, but you can do it without.


There are a couple of blog posts by members who have posted a couple pictures of the workbooks:



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Aye, it took me so long to find this thread again! Thank you so much for replying. I looked into HTTS and SWR, but I'm just too intimidated. Funny enough, I think I am just going to go with LOE after all. Maybe after I have that under my belt I will feel more comfortable with with something like SWR.

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