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Statistics ?

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I cannot find the post I did before so I apologize for posting this again.


I need to decide on oldest dd's math for next year and am leaning toward Statistics. This is not something I took so am not comfortable taking her through it by myself. I would really love feedback on Chalk Dust or any other super program. Basically I need to decide if I want to pay the same amount of $ for PA Homeschoolers or invest in something like Chalk Dust that I can use with multiple dc. Obviously, anything I can get more use out of for the same $ is nice, however I've heard nothing but great things about the AP Statistics class. So if Chalk Dust doesn't measure up, I guess I'll just pay for the AP class and try not to faint while doing so. :)

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I can't help with a specific provider suggestions but in a general sense you may want to check any suggestion to see if it is Statistics with Calculus or without. I noticed a distinction when I was browsing options a while back.

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My guy self-studied so I can't help with a course. I do know of a homeschooler who tried Life of Fred Statistics and did horribly on the AP test afterward though (the same homeschooler did wonderfully on other AP tests), so I'd hesitate to use it IF looking to take the AP test. He felt he learned Stats just fine, but certainly not what he needed to do well on AP. I'd only recommend it as a "basic" stats course rather than a "prep for AP" stats class.

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