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Colombia temporarily suspends adoptions of children under 6 by foreigners (30MAY2013)


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In the past, I have seen threads here on WTM, about foreign adoptions. This is a subject I am interested in, and we have a page on our family web site (URL below) about an adoption agency in the city of Cali.


This article was translated, from Spanish into English, and there are a few translation problems, but if anyone is interested in this subject, here is the link:



The page on our family web site is:

http://computer2.com...tion Agency.htm

That web site has been neglected, for a long time, because I’m working on our other web sites…

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How sure are you this is accurate? If I google "Colombia suspends foreign adoptions," this post is the second hit...



100% Positive... At the bottom of the web page for the English language article (top link in my original post here), there are 3 links, to Spanish language Colombian web sites. Two of those web sites are major Colombian newspapers. The other web site is for the RCN Radio network, which is a national radio/TV network here in Colombia. If you can read Spanish, the information is there...

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I have seen lots of things in my adoption research that say the estimated wait times for young healthy children is approaching 4 years with 3 years being the soonest so it doesn't surprise me that there are some issues with foreign adoptions being corrupted or problematic.

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