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She's in!

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Probably more than was needed.



A poem written from an MCT prompt, with prompt, (DD's handwriting)

A poem written after viewing "The Tempest" (DD's handwriting)

A letter written from a writing prompt (DD's handwriting)

A "fakebook" page she did online as a history assignment (internet link)

A story she'd written unprompted after reading "Frankenstein" (about dissected frogs coming back to life, that included a lot of science terminology) (Typed)

Her powerpoint presentation to convince us to let her get a pet snake, her notes from the interview with the snake's current owner about the snake's care, and a poem she'd written about being responsible for a pet snake.



A page from Key to Algebra

An assignment from LoF

A link to a Scratch project she'd done on her own about Algebra

The M&M measurement project she'd come up with last year



Scratch projects she'd done based on a science book prompt to demonstrate plate tectonics

Her explaining her plastic herpetarium and her research notes on a "Mystery snake", written up in the format that she'd learned in her college class she'd been auditing, plus an explanation on how she'd decided what Mystery snake actually was and what it's scientific name should be




Two compositions that she'd written and that her music teacher had recorded, which included use of more mature chord progressions and types than is typically taught at her age/grade level (and that I knew her piano teacher had referenced in her letter of recommendation)



Photos of her Greek mythology MOCs, including most of the Odyssey told in Lego form.



Her piano teacher and science lab teacher wrote recommendations for her.

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I have no idea, to tell the truth. I wanted to show she was well rounded and not just a good test taker, especially since the only IQ score we have is a report stating her "IQ is beyond the scope of this instrument" on a test DITD doesn't accept as valid, four years ago. There were enough people on different boards saying they hadn't gotten in or had gotten the "please send more information" response from portfolios that focused on only one or two areas or that only included the minimum that I figured I'd rather send more to start with.


I did include most things as links to an online portfolio so they had a relatively short document with the explanations as opposed to reams of paper, which, I figured, would make it easier to skip material if they didn't need to see anything else in that area.

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