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looking for advice-writing strands


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I am looking for some advice about writing strands. I will be doing Sonlight with my 9 year old and 11 year old. 11year old is a good writing and was thinking about just doing the Sonlight LA 7 but wondering if i should have her do writing strands--she wants to be an author and while i know this is unlikely, i would like to at least give her a strong background in writing for college. My other daughter does not like to write at all unless it's a story she has made up. I was thinking of sonlight LA for her but again, wondering about the writing strands for her.

Any advice?



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If she's already a good writer, mechanically, I wouldn't have her do Writing Strands. We us Writing Strands and we love it, but, it is about the mechanics. I would find another program that will work with her more on creative writing, different writing styles, etc.




I thought we would use Writing Strands for my dd 11, but now I am rethinking it -- she is a very good writer and just needs to practice different styles, etc. Any suggestions anyone????

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