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How to prep for PSAT?

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My dc used the McGraw-Hill PSAT study guide and that worked well for them. They also did the real PSAT practice test that comes in the PSAT booklet (which you should get from the school where your ds will take the test.) I think using PSAT materials to prep is better than using SAT materials, because the tests are a little different. The PSAT math for instance, covers much more geometry than the SAT and the questions are phrased differently. The critical reading sections also have a different feel. And the format is different as it's a shorter test. From what I've seen, I think it's actually a little harder than the SAT, so I think the more targetted prep that you get in a PSAT book is helpful. We found that studying for the PSAT was excellent prep for the SAT... I'm not sure if the reverse would be true.

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