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Cheap printing options/sales?

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Trying to decide if an Ebook where I would need to print out about 201 x 2!!! student pages is worth the sale price, or just getting a hardcopy is better... a bit more but the only one set of student pages to print out.


I can't remember what I paid for a few copies last year. Anyone remember if the national chain office stores have good deal on printing/teacher pricing, etc come back to school time?

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I love my B&W laser printer. For regular worksheets I use the cheapest Walmart paper. (For keepsakes, like the Book of Centuries, I use better paper.) My printer plugs into the home network so all computers can use it and has automatic duplex. I buy the off-brand toner from Amazon for a fraction of the cost of official toner. (I've also learned a few tweaks to get every last drop of toner out.)

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I occasionally get a 20% off coupon that can be used on the printing services at office depot. I think self serve is .09 per copy so (.07 after coupon). I only do that if it is a lot I want to copy at once as they have the auto feeder (like WWE).

Otherwise I use my brother inkjet (I pay .006 per page for paper and using generic refills I pay about .004 per page for ink, so .01 per page printed and the printer cost about $60 to begin with).

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