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A Proclick vs one of these ...

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Wire Binder machine - http://www.mybinding.../91973/71019108 -- the action is different - pressing vs. sliding, but the proclick spines will work with it according to their website.

The black 5/16" GBC ProClick spines can be used with your existing 3:1 wire system or with a ProClick punch.


It's under $35 shipped. The Proclick is $65 shipped from Amazon.


So ... will this work? Pros & cons? It looks like I could bind my own workbooks at a price that I won't have to justify to DH (or to myself!). And maybe I wouldn't be drowning in paper...

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Oh my, that's on a super sale! I got mine for $50 back in September! Shoot!


Well, moving on to answer your question, I do indeed use the Papermonster to punch the holes and then I use twin loop wires to bind thinner booklets (e.g., Critical Thinking Co size wbs, you know, slim stuff) and then ProClick spines to bind thicker booklets. It works great with the twin loop wires, but you should be warned that the holes it punches are smaller than the holes punched by ProClick machines. Therefore, it's hard to turn the pages when binding with ProClick spines because there's no wiggle room, the spines exactly fit through the paper holes. My kids are much too rough, and end up ripping pages out accidentally if they try to turn pages of their rebound SM wbs, so I end up flipping the pages for them very carefully each morning before laying out their stack of work. I personally keep going back and forth between getting a ProClick to make life easier, but I haven't been able to justify it yet. What I would suggest, is if you're already making an order from mybinding, through in some 3:1 spiral coils. I bet those would fit through the papermonster holes much easier than the proclick spines. Good luck!

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It works well - I like how the books are sturdier than my spiral bound ones, even though that could be because they are so thin. However, last time I checked the price was back up, and it might be better to get a more versatile pro-click. I have rebound a few things and made math/spelling/latin/handwriting booklets. In August I'm planning to make ~3-6 weeks of weekly booklets to see if that works better than by subject.


The main gripe could be the 1/4" spines that hold 30 sheets or so. But I've worked around that without much trouble. I haven't tried using a 3:1 spiral or a proclick spine with this machine.

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Well I just received an email saying the wire binder is on sale for $29.95 again. And sign up for their newsletter for an additional coupon if you decide to order. I'm happy with mine overall - half the price of a pro-click with cheap spines.

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