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I've used BW on and off over the years. Some years I use it as my sole LA and other years I use elements. Basically I love the approach but don't always find it easy to stick to (for some reason). I'm looking at the new Partnership Writing product and am pretty excited about it (I think it would give the structure that WJ lacks and that I'm not good at creating on my own). However, I do feel like our approach has yielded some kids who aren't strong in the particulars -- mechanics, grammar rules, etc. I've been playing catch-up this year with Daily Language Review and Writing Essentials. Kind of dry, but they're getting some of the stuff that I tend to overlook in lovely the world of poetry teatimes and French dictation and the Arrow.


Sooooo.... what want to know is whether you seasoned Brave Writers use ANYTHING else for your language arts curriculum besides BW products/approach? If so, what?

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We are new to BW, only starting to implement some of it in the last few months.


This is our line up for my rising third grader for LA: (I know for some this is too much, that while I love BW day to day, I disagree with the philosophy...I believe in more formal spelling and grammar.


Grammar: FLL3

Spelling: either R&S 4 or AAS 5

Reading: SL core D readers

Writing: WWE style narrations, BW: The Arrow, poetry teas, free writes, and pieces of Jot it Down.


We won't do poetry teas or free writes every week...I will vary them up. I think I plan to do two JID projects over the course of the year so really not as much as it seems...

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We use AAS for spelling. And we did Grammarland for grammar last year. Next year, I got a crazy good deal on a used copy of MCT Island level, so we'll probably read it all, though I doubt we'll do Practice Island - it'll just be supplemental. We start our day with "morning work" which is often a quick worksheet and I try to make one of them a basic language arts worksheet - often a proofreading one - so we get in some of the more schooly sorts of language arts that way.


However, overall, BW is our core. All the other stuff is just other stuff.

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