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Dangerous driving mil (update)

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Thanks for all the feedback. After advice here I called DOT for our state and found that I can write a letter which will be anonymous. They can then test her and make a decision based on her test.


Also, tomorrow we have an appt with the neuro. and I am going to ask her opinion. In the past she has said that mil can drive "so long as she can find her way around town" (!!!). I am going to ask her to put it in writing which I have to imagine she would absolutely refuse to do.

So I am trying two approaches to try to ensure that she is safe (and the rest of society is as well!)


Bah I hate being the bad guy! Dh is (mostly) on board with me. I just told him here is what I plan to do.


Thanks again.

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Especially on calling the neuro on that comment. That's ridiculous, and all too common a response unfortunately. I know this because my relatives cannot be persuaded to face the fact that my grandmother is senile (noticeably so AND diagnosed!!!) and that her driving is terrible.


Good for you.

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