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Does anyone use Dinovite for an itchy dog?


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Hi all,


My dog has seriously itchy skin and reoccurring ear infections. I heard a commercial for Dinovite vitamin supplements and was wondering if any of you have ever used it for your dog. We changed his food to a "Sensitive Skin" formula and have seen a little improvement, but the itching is driving him and us crazy and I'd like to get a handle on it. The website makes it sound like Gods gift, but hopefully I can hear a more balanced review from some of you folks.


And if you don't use it, but have treated your itchy dog successfully, could you tell me what you used?


Thanks a bunch!

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I'll be watching this thread! We spend $60/month on Atopica for our itchy dog. The only food that helps him with the itching is grain and poultry free. Without the Atopica and the right food we were spending lots every other month at the vet for a shot and steroids because his itchy spots would get so raw and infected.

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I don't use it, but I know one person who claims it helped her dog.


I've dealt with two highly allergic dogs over the years (including one of my current dogs). I don't claim to be an expert, but based on what knowledge I've gathered, I can't figure out a thing in Dinovite that in theory should be particularly helpful for allergies, or at least not in the amounts supplied. Most of the ingredients are things that are already added to many of the better quality dog foods.


Most allergies in dogs are to flea bites or inhalants like pollens, molds and dust mites. Those are much harder to deal with than food allergies. You can test for allergies and do desensitization shots just like people get. That's the only thing that helped my current allergy dog, who tested allergic to 37 things. Besides testing/desensitization shots, steroids or something like Atopica, the standard advice for allergy dogs includes:


Frequent bathing to wash pollens off the coat. As often as every two or three days is fine. Use a good quality oatmeal shampoo, lukewarm water and rinse thoroughly.


Limit outside time, especially during peak pollen times. Run your a/c to help keep pollens down inside the house.


Wipe the dog down with a damp towel every time he/she comes in from outside.


Dipping feet in an old plastic cup filled with warm water every time the dog comes in from outside can help remove pollen from the paw pads.


Give a fish body oil supplement. I like to shoot for about 18 mg. of EPA per pound of body weight. Work up to the full dose gradually.


Dust and vacuum your house frequently, and wash the dog's bedding weekly in hot water.


And of course there are lots of antihistamines that can be given to dogs. Most vets recommend Benadryl as a starting point just because it's cheap and a lot of people already have it on hand. Typically you need to give an antihistamine for a week or two before deciding whether or not it's working well. Some studies indicate that fish body oil and antihistamines have a synergistic effect (they work better when given together).


For food allergies the only sure way to narrow them down is to do a food allergy elimination diet. You can do an elimination diet with a hydrolyzed commercial dog food (Hill's z/d) or a homemade diet that consists of one protein source and one carb source that the dog has never been exposed to before. You need to feed only the chosen food(s) for several weeks. My vet recommends 12 weeks. That means no treats and no chewable heartworm or flea preventatives during that time. And IME even elimination diets aren't fool proof.

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