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Awesome budgeting software - YNAB-I switched to it from Quicken


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I am loving this. It is so much more than Quicken. And besides, Quicken makes you upgrade so often and pay more, more, more just to use their download feature. I had zoned out wrt my budget by just using that download feature and no longer thinking carefully about our spending. You Need a Budget (YNAB) suggest you enter all receipts. And the best part is that it uses Dropbox and the cloud to save and sink your budget to all of your computers and your phone. I love this. I enter all receipts now at the time of purchase and can see every budget category at any time from any of my devices and my husband's devices. How great is that?! They do have a referral program too. So if you want to try it, would you use my link?




I hope it changes your spending as much as it has ours.


Also, the Dave Ramsey class on budgeting is absolutely worthwhile no matter what your faith or beliefs about cash vs credit. We still use credit and it still changed our lives for the better. It is worth taking with others. The accountability helps.

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