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X-Post I just requested an IEP for ds to try to get a nurse aide


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If any of you have walked this road, I'd love to hear about it.


Ds is in a special day class. He has had the same rock star aide for 4 years. They informed me that they are moving her to another student next year. I've decided that even though this aide has been fully capable of handling ds's many medical issues, in a lot of ways she goes above and beyond the norm for an aide. I want to get him a nurse aide for next year. There are other issues in here (future transitions, a switch in districts when he moves on to 9th grade) that are all supporting factors. Anyways, I just emailed out a request for an IEP. It's been awhile since I've had to battle the district (the last skirmish was over transportation), and I could use all of the info I can get.


It seems to me that there should be some check list to help distinguish a child's need for an aide from need for a nurse, but like everything else in IEP land, all I'm finding is very subjective recommendations.

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Okay, just spoke to my friend, (25 years in the system,most with special Ed).


She says you need a doctor recommendation that very specifically outlines the kind of care needed during the day that warrant a nurse aide. She says getting me, at least here, is almost never done, but that the district will send regular aides for extra training from time to time.


She says it really all hinges on having the IEP modified with the doctor recommendations. She said the stronger the language in the recommendation, the better your chances.

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It's been my experience to never ask for what I need, but to outline what is necessary for an appropriate education and somehow everyone comes to the conclusion that what I wanted is actually what I need. (I'm not sure that made sense lol).


I'm not sure what your child's particular needs are, but I'll tell you what I requested to receive an aide capable of working with my daughter (non-verbal autism) and dealing with possible seizures.


I told them that my daughter would need assistance with toileting issues including help when she begins her cycle. I also let them know that if she wasn't taken to the toilet within seconds of indicating a need, she would soil herself and immediately remove her clothing. (She's 13 and developing quickly).

She also has anxiety and will self-injure unless she has significant time in a resource room.

I fully expect the person working with my child to be experienced and capable of educating my daughter. (FAPE)

She has had seizures in the past and someone needs to be with her in case of falls to prevent injury.

She is a runner and has escaped numerous times in the past, including at school which has necessitated 911 involvement.


I had documentation (from doctors, therapists and consultants) and received a 1:1 para for her, which is what I wanted, even though I never outright asked for it. I did this for every issue I wanted addressed (therapy, paras, classroom equipment). At the same time, I never asked for more than what I needed and if I thought it could be done cheaply, I brought that up as well.


Have the documentation, if possible hint at all the bad things that could happen if what you want isn't provided (so they think liability), explain the need for certain things to be in place for your child to receive a free and appropriate education.


If I can help, feel free to PM me.

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