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Just requested an IEP to try to get a nurse for my son


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If any of you have walked this road, I'd love to hear about it.


Ds is in a special day class. He has had the same rock star aide for 4 years. They informed me that they are moving her to another student next year. I've decided that even though this aide has been fully capable of handling ds's many medical issues, in a lot of ways she goes above and beyond the norm for an aide. I want to get him a nurse aide for next year. There are other issues in here (future transitions, a switch in districts when he moves on to 9th grade) that are all supporting factors. Anyways, I just emailed out a request for an IEP. It's been awhile since I've had to battle the district (the last skirmish was over transportation), and I could use all of the info I can get.


It seems to me that there should be some check list to help distinguish a child's need for an aide from need for a nurse, but like everything else in IEP land, all I'm finding is very subjective recommendations.



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