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What's Your Favorite Spelling Workbook?

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Depends on what you want and what may work for your kids and what will actually get done....


Sequential Spelling is good. We tried it here and my dd liked it but it didn't get done routinely here. (& *I* didn't like it)

How to Teach Spelling ... is one *I* liked but ended up dropping as the amount of dictation grew too much with multiple kids.

Mega Words became my next choice ... it teaches the phonics, the syllables, and the rules by using a pick up and go workbook and some dictation. <catch is: It doesn't start till 4th grade>

Rod & Staff Spelling - this is my current choice for my younger one ... at least until 4th then we will decide which to continue using.



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I vote for R&S Spelling at this point in my life. I need them to do spelling independently of me so it's doing the job and the exercises aren't a waste of time. They are really challenging and make them think.


How to Teach Spelling is probably my favorite i n a perfect world where I had more time to spend individually teaching but like Kathie, I had to let it go.

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