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Anybody know how to hack an email system?

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Dh just *accidentally* responded to my agent email. :w00t:


See, he's much friendlier than I am. So when he read my response, he said it was too cold & retyped it himself.


I guess it's a good thing I let him delete what I'd written, so at least what was sent was coherent & not a mesh of our two thoughts.


But...he. accidentally. emailed. my. agent. lady.


I"m speechless. I mean, he didn't hit send, the computer just..."interpreted" a movement of the arrow key wrong. (And we did check the sent box. It *is* sent.)


Dh's wide-eyed response: "At least I'd finished."


Then he proceeded to read it back to me w/ gusto & enthusiasm, to try to "sell" it. Ha!


(Isn't this my luck? I mean, y'all'd start to think I was making this stuff up, except...who'd think of it????)

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