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Ack!!! My DS did NOT just say that!!

plain jane

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Dh and I were in the car with my 4yo and he was chattering away about his current passion, Skylanders (video game). Dh and I were slowly tuning out when out of the blue he begins:



DS: Dad, you know what? When I grow up, nobody is ever going to be mad with me.


DH: Oh, and how are you going to manage that?


DS: Easy! I'm never going to get married when I grow up! (triumphant grin)




Ack! :ohmy:

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Bahahaha! And to think that I was slightly offended when Moose announced, with all the authority his seven-year-old self could muster, that he didn't want to get married when he grew up. Why, you ask? Well because it seems so boring.





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DD11 just got Skylanders for her birthday. Is this what the game teaches? I hope so because she tends to have crushes on very cute, older boys (why, oh why, my other daughter didn't do this) and I would be very happy if she took your son's attitude. Possibly time to work Skylanders into the curriculum??!!

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