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Looking for AP Chemistry and Physics Online options with live teacher

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We have had experience with PA Homeschoolers Bio, Chem, Calc BC, and PhysicsB classes. At the times my daughters were taking them (2010-now), there was virtually no live teacher interaction, but that was actually a positive for us. There was no set time that someone had to be somewhere, attending a class.


In general, the classes are taught via asynchronous instruction... there is a posted syllabus, and then depending on the class usually some kind of weekly expectation posting, and then a daily message. There are readings, sometimes videos to watch, and there are assignments (like homework, labs, tests, etc.) on which the kids receive feedback. There is a message board where kids ask questions and talk, and the teacher and other kids answer. And of course the students can e-mail the teacher directly at any time. We have never had a negative experience with the teacher not responsing in a timely manner. There are hard due dates, but no 'general class meeting.'


This year, in addition to all that, my dd#2's Bio class was divided into study groups, and hers happened to meet once or twice a week, so that was at a definite time, but the kids arranged it at their convenience. This was a new development... maybe because Google+ and Skype type possibilities are becoming more prevalent.


This was actually more convenient for us than something like AoPS (which we also use and love a lot!) that has a live class meeting each week that you should attend. It gives the kids more flexibility in arranging the work to get 'er done.


Big thumbs up for both the Chem and the Physics, BTW.


Anyhow, that was our experience. YMMV : )

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