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MFW phonics to spelling


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I've heard in more than one place that if your kids are already good readers in 1st grade, that the phonics lessons in MFW can be modified to be spelling lessons. We start 1st grade this fall and my kids are good readers so I wondered - how do you go about doing this? Will it be obvious once we dive in?



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in the first couple of days or so, you'd be using the handwriting practice which is review of kindy level phonics. You don't change too much there. That's going to have any word list.

as you move along in the program, instead of the workbook list becoming "learn to read these words", we would still study the phonogram being taught that lesson but have the practice writing the words without it being copy work.

In my house, it looked this: I'd have my child at dry erase board (or with some letter tiles for fun sometimes) and have her build the words on the reading list as I called it out. I did not do it as "this is your spelling list for the day/week and learn them all". But it was about building the words using the sounds being taught. Those who are learning to read would be marking the vowels and saying the words out loud. So, as a phonogram was taught, we'd write the phonogram on the board so it was more obvious, but the point wasn't to prepare for spelling bee, but to use information.


in the curren edition of MFW first, (LGS, Learning God's Story) there is a simple note: (paraphrasing it here) use the phonics lessons as "spelling" lesson, reading 4-6 words from the previous lesson to the student and having him spell those words. Don't skip the dictation which is part of the regular phonics as dictation lessons as another form of spelling. and use good handwriting.


and of course, some children who are reading well, still benefit from the reivew of phonics to solidify that knowledge in case they are learning to read other ways.

does that help have a plan to try?

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