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How do you handle gifts for homeschool group graduations?

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We will be attending graduation ceremonies for 2 homeschool groups we are involved with. There are about 8-10 graduates in each group. We are not close to any of the graduates, but my kids are friends with their younger siblings and/or I am friends with their mom. We did receive invitations to the ceremony in the mail by two of these families.

Several of the families with graduates are leaders who do a lot for the group.


We cannot afford to get gifts for everyone, and I'm unsure about the etiquette involved. How do you handle gifts for homeschool group graduations?



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When my daughter graduated last year there were several families that gave all the graduates a small gift (<$2). Most were a candy bar with an attached note of congratulations. I thought it was a cute idea and plan to do the same the next time we attend graduation for the group.


I would only give larger gifts to graduates that we know personally and are good friends with and I would give them the same thing that I would give to a friend that was graduating from another brick & mortar school.

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These are acquaintances. If you can afford to buy or make a card for each of them, perhaps a bookmark with a special note from you on the back, that would be more than enough.


For those who sent a specific invitation, I would be sure to offer a special congratulations in person after the ceremony, perhaps give a card. I would not concern yourself with the rest of the graduates besides a simple "congratulations" and a smile when you pass them at the ceremony.

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I just attended one. I am good friends with two of the moms and only slightly aquainted with the rest. I gave cards w/ a small gift to the two children of my friends and was just very nice and congratulatory to the rest. I felt like it was appropriate. The cards were given discreetly and I don't think anyone thought it was inappropriate.

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