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Favorite tools or items for growing fine motor skills?


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Not sure how old your little one is so some of things will depend on age:

finger painting, threading, helping you cook, puzzles, any color/cut/paste activities, etc.. are all great ways to help with fine motor skills.


Rod and Staf or Christian Light Publications sell ABC Readiness workbooks that have alot of color/cut/paste activities and they are inexpensive. You might even be able find some various workbooks at Costco.


Also, My Father's World has some pre-school toys/curicculum that helps with find motor skills. hth

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I recently bought the book "Games for Writing" and I am really enjoying it.

The same author also has ones for Reading, Math and Learning.

My library has the ones for Reading and Writing but I think I might buy them all so I don't have to return them. (That happens about once every 5 years for me)

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My DD loves the Kumon fine motor skill workbooks and requests her "activity sheets" every day. They have a series for age 2+, the titles are Let's Color, Let's Sticker and Paste, Let's Cut Paper, and Let's Fold. They move in a progression throughout each workbook, starting vey simple and becoming more and more complex. They have their regular fine motor skill workbook series for ages 3+, starting with the Traing workbook. The books are available at Barnes and Noble (so you can see them first) or a bit cheaper at Amazon.


We also just keep art supplies within reach at all times - crayons, colored pencils, markers, scissors, tape, stickers, paper, and so on. She creates freely.

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Some of our favorites are: getting a "Squiggle writer" vibrating pen (Amazon), it is great for kiddos to hold and try to write with and builds up strength. Also, hiding buttons, beads or even counting bears in putty or play doh. I have some ideas on this pinterest board http://pinterest.com/jenncslp/ot/, but I think there are others scattered throughout my other boards.

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We've been using what those said above (Out of Synch Child has fun, Kumon etc). We also use:


-Abeka Art Projects

-Developing the Early Learner Series

-Knitting (Finger knitting, Knitting Nancys, Bambo Knitting Needles)

-Block Crayons & Form Drawing

-Maryann Kohl's Mudworks book

-Montessori Trays (Tweezing, Squeezing etc)

-TV Teacher (available from Rainbow Resource. This is good for us as DS will happily do a "workbook" with miss marnie for handwriting ;)

- Core Knowledge Preschool Activity Books


Plus we have an art room that always has supplies ready (crayons, pencils, glue, scissors etc) so if his sisters are in there, sometimes he will come and join in of his own free will too.



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We have worked with an OT for a few of our kids. When our 4 yo showed the same issues, we made a bazillion different game/activities from pinterest. For hand strengthening, the games with clothespins and tweezers and playdoh were her favorites. For control, the games where you place items (golf balls onto golf tees, stickers onto printouts, toothpicks into shakers) were her favorite.


If you use "fine motor" as your search words on pinterest, you'll get hundreds of ideas. Just remember to mix it up....match the activity appropriately to the developmental level of your child and to the skill you're trying to help them develop. The activities I did with my ^dd^ who had contracture in her hand are very different than the ones I did with my ds who has functional vision issues.


My current 4 yo just needed some control and practice.....the Kumon cutting and pasting books are great for scissor skills and the HWT books are the best at teaching how to hold a pencil if you're looking for more "school-y" stuff.

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