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Yeast Infection questions


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My oldest daughter has a yeast infection (I think). I wasn't sure if you could get infections prior to starting your monthly cycle (sorry, I guess I'm a bit ignorant in this area). She's non-verbal with limited comprehension so I'm basing my thoughts on symptoms - discharge (which looks exactly like yeast infection), lots of grabbing behaviors between her legs, wetting the bed several times at night, wetting herself during the day, pain when urinating.


The typical treatment is an absolute no-go. To repeat - this isn't an option. I am able to rub cream around that area and clean the area when needed, but she is combative if I (or her doctor) go any further.


Additionally, we are in the middle of an insurance change and I'm trying to avoid all doctor appointments. I can't call a doctor for a prescription to be called in because they would want to see her (because it's her first yeast infection).


She just finished an antibiotic treatment for a urinary tract infection.


Are there any over the counter or home remedies that I can try? If she's not markedly better by tomorrow, I'll call a doctor, but I'd really like to avoid it if possible. Currently, we are doing baking soda baths, ibuprofen, ativan (she becomes very anxious when something is 'off' with her body) and probiotics.

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Yeast infections are totally independent of cycle. It's totally possible to have a yeast infection at any age (even babies), regardless of cycle.


Drop all sugar and carbs from her diet immediately. No sugar, pasta, rice, bread, grains, or dairy products EXCEPT unsweetened yogurt. In the absence of a suppository, I would recommend following this protocol for 4-6 weeks with a gradual reintroduction of sugars after that. I would also limit fruit and focus more on vegetables.


You can do an over-the-counter antifungal cream. However, without being able to get it inside, the effectiveness is VERY limited.


Your other option is a prescription for Diflucan. This drug is VERY hard on the liver though.


Do not let this go long as it could get ugly quick.


I have heard that coconut oil is an anti-fungal, but I have no personal experience or research on that.

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AZO Yeast tablets (OTC in the lady stuff area at most drugstores and grocery stores) work pretty well for some people. Reduce sugar and add strong probiotics. "Airing it out" helps too. My grandmother never slept in underpants, just loose PJ bottoms. I thought it was weird at the time but now of course think she was brilliant. Does she use incontinence pads? They may be irritating her or not staying dry enough. How miserable for her. I hope you get it gone soon!


Btw, we switched insurance companies THREE times right after my youngest was born. The agent was great about telling us what to do when we needed to go to the doctor, and nothing got misfiled or anything. Could be worth a call to the agent or her doctor, especially if s/he knows the situation well. Diflucan isn't a risky Rx as far as I understand.

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