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UTI during pregnancy question


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I am 14 weeks pregnant. Over the last few weeks, I have occassionally had a really hard time trying to urinate. It doesn't happen every time I go potty, but at least twice a day and sometimes more. I have to go, but when I sit down, it just doesn't come and I have to push pretty hard to start the flow, then throughout until my bladder is empty. I have no other pain...no burning, etc.


I have a tilted uterus and in my previous pregnancies had this same issue for a very short period of time until the baby grew big enough to tilt the uterus into the right position. This time, it seems like it is lasting much longer than before.


I have a call in to the doctor, but just wondered if any of you have experience with this. I don't think it is a UTI, but I have never had one before, so I am not sure. What say the hive?


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If there is no burning or pain, it's most likely not a UTI. I had chronic UTI's at one point during my last pregnancy due to hormones, and with each one I had SEVERE pain and burning, so bad that I didn't want to even try to pee, even though I had the urge to very badly. So, yes, go to the doctor. Better safe than sorry, especially since you are pregnant!

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