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I survived the holiday weekend with my SILs! ;)


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Either the one was less annoying than usual or I was mellower, or a combination of both. I also avoided getting stuck with her as much as possible. She still managed to be annoying once in a while, but I just found myself going deaf when it was most useful and I agreed with her about something that is totally not true, but it was easier than getting sucked into a pointless debate about drying dishes. :laugh:


P.S. I realize this will be meaningless to anyone who hasn't read my other SIL angst posts. Sorry.

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Well done! And while I'm sure you want to put this firmly behind you, I'll admit to being really, really curious about what possible controversy could surround the drying of dishes. Is she some kind of clockwise-only fanatic?




:laugh: No, not that. First, let me say this only matters because her overall demeanor about everything that exists is that the way she does it/did it/would do it if it were her is obviously the superior and only way to do it. So - having said that, the dish-drying remark was like this:


(Dear SIL) *sighing over the pots and pans left on a drying rack* "I can't stand for there to be dishes sitting here in the drying rack." (She begins to dry them.) "I'm sure you don't ever leave dishes out to dry, do you?"


(Me) "Oh, no, of course not..." *walking away telling a bare-faced lie* :leaving:

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