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Another "If DD likes these books, what else will she like?" question

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I've seen a few of these threads lately...I think I need one too. DD has gotten hard to please when it comes to books for pleasure reading. She keeps telling me she has nothing to read and can't find anything at the library.


Lately, she really enjoyed a few Roald Dahl books (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda, etc) -- and she says she really likes books that are funny and quirky like those. What else (besides other books by Dahl), would she enjoy?


We've been doing Mysterious Benedict Society as a read-aloud, and DD has read a few chapters on her own too. She seems to be liking this a lot, but she isn't interested in "regular" mystery books like Boxcar Children or Nancy Drew. Other than the rest of the MBS books, is there anything else in the same vein of mystery/adventure/fantasy type books that might be similar?


Thanks, Hive book-finder! :hurray:

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Sid Fleischman books, esp Chancey and the Grand Rascal, but also By the Great Horn Spoon.


Sisters Grimm--dd highly recommends these


Wolves of Willoughby Chase


The Penderwicks (about 3 sisters have an adventure)


She is probably too young for Cornelia Funke's Inkheart and following books, but Igraine The Brave might be good.


Peter and the Starcatchers (is a series--all pretty good)

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My son thought the Mr Chickee books by Christopher Paul Curtis were hilarious. I haven't read them but they seemed wacky. Also the Whole Nother Story series by "Dr Cuthbert Soup" seem to be pretty bizarre. I am not sure if they are too boyish. I second Farrar's suggestion of the books about Arabel and her raven Mortimer.


Also Alice in Wonderland.

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