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Woohoo! I think I've found a way to do history and science next year.


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I've been looking a middle school level materials as T is starting 5th grade and I think I've discovered some real gems for Geezle. I didn't realize how many differentiated resources were available for public school textbooks. I found some science workbooks/readers that I think will work well for G. They're Holt Interactive Readers for middle school science topics:




They also have history and geography resources, but I found that the outline workbook for a Child's History of the World looks very promising for G. He's finally able to read CHOW by himself and the outlines pick up the main points nicely. I think this will really work for us.


I also found a cool public school reading program for middle school. It's called Reader's Journey by Prentice Hall.




It comes with 6 suggestions of books at different reading levels, including one 2 years behind and 2 one year behind grade level. They also have grade level and advanced selections so we could potentially do this together. That would be so cool! They also have differentiated teacher's resource books with extra worksheets for delayed and advanced learners.




I'm so happy I stumbled onto these books. I think G will be very happy to have a history book and science book like T and these won't frustrate us both.



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