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Light reading recommendations for young elemntary kids

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Does anyone have any clean and fun books recommendations for young readers? Not too much fluff, but nothing heavy either...


I'll give some that my girl has loved:

-Magic Tree House series

-Mercy Watson (good for bridging into chapter books)

-Roald Dahl

-Clementine series (had her CRACKING UP)

-Shel Silverstein


And my boy is all about Calvin ad Hobbes and Max Axiom.


Together we are reading some Tales from Knights of the Round Table.

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For animals lovers, I recommend the Puppy Place series and the Kitty Corner series. Both feature a brother and sister pair whose families foster puppies/cats. My animal loving 8 year old can't get enough of them.


Another great animal series, at a higher reading level but accessible to advanced readers or to others as a read aloud is the Humphrey series by Betsy Birney. It's written from the point of view of a classroom hamster who learns to read and write.

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Humor (for both DC)

2nd grade reading level

- Fly on the Ceiling (Glass)

- Ben Franklin and the Magic Squares (Murphy/Walz)

- Commander Toad in Space (series) (Degen)

- Moongobble and me series (Coville)

2nd/3rd grade reading level

- The Bears on Hemlock Mountain (Dalgliesh)

- McBroom's Wonderful One-Acre Farm (Fleischman)

- riddle series by Eisenberg and Hall (ex: Ribbit Riddles, Bunny Riddles, Puppy Riddles, Creepy Riddles, etc.)


3rd grade reading level

- The Whipping Boy (Fleischman)

- Mr. Popper's Penguins (Atwater)

- Pippi Longstockings series (Astrid)

- Henry Huggins (series) (McCleary)

- The Moffats (series) (Estes)

- Miss Pickerell (series) (MacGregor)

3rd/4th grade reading level

- Time Warp Trio series

- The Rescuers, Miss Bianca, The Turret, Miss Bianca in the Salt Mines, Miss Bianca in the Orient (Sharp)

4th grade reading level

- Trumpet of the Swan (White)

- Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle series (MacDonald)

- Ben and Me (Lawson)

- Mr. Revere and I (Lawson)

- I Discover Columbus (Lawson)

- Hank the Cowdog (series) (Erickson)

- Henry Reed (series) (Robertson)

- By the Great Horn Spoon (Fleischman)


Girl Protagonists (for your DD)


Beginning chapter books for girls

2nd grade reading level

- Toots and the Upside Down House (Hughes)

2nd/3rd grade reading level

- Cam Jansen series (Adler)

- Judy Moody series

3rd grade reading level

- Understood Betsy (Fisher)

- B is for Betsy (Haywood)

- Betsy and Tacy series (Lovelace)



Adventure (for your DS)

3rd grade reading level

- Tales of Robin Hood (Claybourne)

- Dolphin Adventure; Dolphin Treasure; The Dolphins and Me (Grover)

- Secrets of Droon series (Abbott)

- Dragonslayer Academy series (McMullan)


3rd/4th grade reading level

- Jack Stalwart series (Hunt)

- Zac Power series (Larry)

4th grade reading level

- The Sign of the Beaver (Speare) -- Colonial US/Native American

- The Kite Fighters (Park) -- 1400s Korea

- Great Escapes of World War II (Sullivan) -- true stories!

- True Adventure Collection (Dowswell & Fleming) -- collection of 3 books: "True Survival Stories", "True Stories of Heroes", and "True Spy Stories"

4th/5th grade reading level

- The Mad Scientists Club series (Brinley)

- The Three Investigators series (Arthur)

5th grade reading level

- The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet (Cameron) -- and sequels

- Mysterious Benedict Society (Trenton) -- and sequels

- The Incredible Journey (Berry)

- Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Fleming)

- The Black Stallion, The Black Stallion Returns, Island Stallion (Farley)

- The Wolves of Willoughby Chase (Aiken)

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