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KAL pure powder, the red cap.


I'm happy to use the cheap 365 and the like, but my husband always complained about the bitterness. I couldn't taste any bitterness, but he said he could. I said he was crazy.


So I bought the KAL, big bottle, online, with a discount code. So it wasn't much more expensive than the 365, and my husband doesn't complain about bitterness.

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I use many forms of Stevia depending on what I'm using it for, but I pretty much use SweetLeaf brand.


I like the tabs for hot drinks, the cut powder for cold drinks and baking and mixing into things like yogurt, the white powder for baking, and the liquids for cold drinks, for hot drinks when I want a flavor (chocolate, yum!), or also for plain yogurt when I want a flavor (chocolate raspberry!)


I've also heard good things about NuNaturals brand.

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