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Can anyone talk to me about Story of Science by Hakim?

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It took us 2 years to do each of the first two bks, but we added a lot to the reading + Quest Guide. We've used the Quest guides like scrap books, taping in everything that we did that was related. In the Quest Guide there are cartoons, quotes, who, what, where and when vocab and famous people with speech bubbles just waiting for you to give them thoughts. Here is a rundown on the chapters. We also added docs when we could find applicable ones.


Vol 1 Aristotle leads the way

chap 1 and 2 myths vs science

chap 3 calendars, graphing high tides

chap 4 and 5 Ionians and other ancient Greeks (we started GEMS Earth, Moon and Stars at this point)

chap 6 and 7 more early Greeks

chap 8 same, a look at pi

chap 9 pythagorean theorum

chap 10 Democritus, atoms

chap 11 and 12 Plato and Aristotle, cosmologies, retrograde motion

chap 13 Aristarchus vs Aristotle, cosmologies

chap 14 Athens and Alexandria

chap 15 Hero/simple machines (we started AIMS Machine shop here), Brainpop

chap 16 Euclid, axioms, Eratosthenes sieve

chap 17 Archimedes, more Brainpop, density and buoyancy

chap 18 angles

chap 19 Rome vs Classical Greece

chap 20, 21 Latitude and Longitude

chap 22 Augustine

chap 23, 24 Middle Ages

chap 25, absolute zero, fibonacci numbers

chap 26 The Causes, form and matter, philosophy

chap 27 time line of printing

chap 28Magellan


Vol 2 Newton at the Centre

chap 1, 2 Renaissance ( we started Interact Renaissance at this time), Leonardo,

chap 3 Aristotle, Copernicus

chap 4 Tycho Brahe, parallax

chap 11 Kepler

chap 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10Galileo, pendulum, water clock, gravity exp, mass and speed exp, motion, Jupiter ( we started GEMS Moons of Jupiter ), moon craters, heresey

chap 12 Rene Descartes, brainpop

chap 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 Newton, mass, weight, G, exp, calculus, light, laws of motion (we did Stop Faking it Forces, Stop Faking it Light)

chap 18 Roemer, light

chap 19 alchemy, acids, bases, brainpop, adaptive curiculum exp

chap 20 air, Robert Boyle, Boyle's law, cartisian diver, brainpop, adaptive curriculum resources

chap 21 Bernouilli, adap curr, brainpop

chap 23 heat and temperature, states of matter, brainpop and adap curr

chap 22 emilie de chatelet, square roots, brainpop

chap 24 cavendish, density and volume

chap 25, 26 Lavoisier, conservation of mass, adap curric, brainpop, metric

chap 27 Dalton, atoms, brainpop

chap 28 Avogadro, brainpop, neosci atom kit

chap 29 Mendeleyev, periodic table

chap 30 thermodynamics, adap curr

chap 31 + several science sessions included in the guide electricity, exp, electromagnets

chap 32 Faraday, magnetism

chap 33 energy brainpop, EM spectrum,

chap 34-40 heat and temp, inside the atom, work, energy, thermodynamics



Hope this helps. I could probably figure put what docs we watched if anyone is interested...

















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The books are in historical order, each chapter primarily about a specific mathematician/scientist. The cover math, astronomy and physics, and a little chemistry, with book 3 being about particle/modern physics. I think the first book could be almost any age, starting at late elementary, but they do get more complex. Very few kids younger than high school could really understand the third book, imo.


There is no biology in them. She has written some biology books, but has not yet found a publisher.


I used them for 9th grade with my older son, and we just read them (separately) and talked a little bit about them. I'm pretty laid back (to say the least).

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