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Newbie with a tot :)

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Hello everyone! I'm Coetta and DH is Casey. We have a 2 year old son named Caleb (will be 3 in Sept) we are definitely going to homeschool for PreK and K and are seriously considering going further than that. I have barely gotten my feet wet as far as looking into it all, but I've saved a lot of resources I think he and I will enjoy learning/playing/reading. I'm not sure if we'll start anything formal until he's 4 or go ahead and give it go at 3. He thrives on schedules and having a routine (just like mommy!). I am currently pregnant and due in Sept so I am a little weary of attempting this homeschool thing with a younger one to look after too, but I've heard it can be done ;) I have been reading The Well-Trained Mind and stumbled across this site. Anyway.... I thought this would be a great place to gain more knowledge!

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