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Hive, six days to "D" day. Here's my wedding list. Tell me what I'm missing!


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Current headcount - 75.


For the reception:


86 (purchased in lots of a dozen) chair covers

1 dozen floor length tablecloths for the round tables - need to set up 10, so I have two extra

Five 8 ft. banquet size tablecloths - three head tables for the bridal party, dessert table, gift table

3 banquet table tablecloths - extra specially stain treated - for the buffet tables

Plastic tableskirting for the banquet tables

fabric table skirting for the head tables, as well as dessert and gift

13 tables overlays plus 13 lace runners - each table gets these

13 vases decorated with fabric flowers, three inches of colored gems stones, one floating candle each

13 antique glass trays/plates - one for each table for the vase to set upon

3 votive candles and holders for each table


Birdcage (antique, shabby chic) for cards

Art easel with antique picture framed made into a "memory board" with each guests' table assignments pinned to the board


China and goblets to seat 80.

84 napkins and napkin rings

6 sets of jingle bells for each table (three jumbo jingles tied to a piece of ribbon, guests are supposed to shake these to get the couple to kiss in order to save banging on the rented glassware)

Vase/holder for dd's bouquet for the center, head table

Wedding dress display - 7 dress bodices with family wedding gowns, my dad's Air Force Dress uniform which he wore for his own wedding, and 8x10 pics of each couple the dress represents.


Gossamer to drape the walls, twinkle lights to hang behind the gossamer

Pennant banners made from vintage looking scrapbook paper and bits of leftover fabrics...to be draped in front of the head tables and also behind the dessert table


6 containers of lemonade - 32 servings per container

6 liters of "Squirt" soda to add to the lemonade

Several glass gallon jars waiting to be turned into sun tea - and a nice 2 gallon, glass container for serving the iced tea in

80 sets of vintage glass "snack" sets for the h'ordeuvres - shrimp cocktail, fresh veggies and dip, chocolate covered strawberries


Parmesan Encrusted Tilapia

Lemon, herbed chicken breasts

roasted green beans

asparagus wraps

roasted, baby red potatoes and yellow fingerlings

caesar salad with two kinds of homemade dressings, a creamyish ranch, and an herbed vinegar and oil

Homemade rolls

honey and butter

Coffee as the other option to the above


Desserts - wedding cake (blech), cherry, rhubarb, or four berry pie, fudge, pastel colored M&M's, decorated sugar cookies, gluten free chocolate cake (yum, yum for my sister and I...unless there is another GF guest, you can bet we'll be hogging it!!!!), pretzel sticks covered with chocolate and sprinkles


For the guests to take home - small boxes of homemade cream cheese mints mixed with chocolate covered almonds


And the creme de la creme - dh made three 8 ft tall by 8ft. wide arbors and stained them dark cherry. I have tulle, twinkle lights, and silk flowers to decorate them with along with honeysuckle vine and greenery. He made eight mini-candle chandeliers with crystal prisms to hang from the braces overhead, and purchased a gorgeous large, candle chandelier to hang from the arbor over the bride and groom's table.


60 decorated wands (for the guests who stick it out until the end) - wooden dowels with jingle bells, lace, and ribbons - these are to wave at the bride and groom when they leave in lieu of tossing something I'll have to clean up later


Guestbook will be transported from the church to the reception in case someone attends only the reception and needs to sign in




The church is a gorgeous, ornate, United Methodist Church. All of the woodwork has been restored and the stained glass windows are lovely. It doesn't need much decoration. However, we did come up with this:


Guestbook and pen

Aisle runner

Two shabby chic, floor standing candleabras with dripless candles

lace table runner for the communion table, crystal plate and goblet for the eucharist elements

Unity candle arrangement which will also be placed on the communion table

Lace draping along the choir railing with a few fabric flowers tied on here and there

Mussie Tussies to hang from pew clips to mark the reserved pews

Pew bows with fabric flower centers for each of the other pews in use

One tall vase of silk flowers with a lace doily for each of the stained glass side windows - there are beautiful, wide sills


Other details:


wrist corsages for myself, mother of the groom, the three grandmothers, and the guestbook attendant

bridesmaid bouquets for the five bridesmaids

flower girl basket

boutenierres for the groom, five groomsmen, dh, father of the groom, the grandpa, and the ring bearer

thank you notes and gratuities for the pastors

programs for the guestbook attendant to hand out

small silk bouquet for dd to toss - her live bouquet is large and well, she doesn't want to throw that one

garter to toss - which her groom thinks is stupid and pointless and doesn't want to do. Dh and I agree that both traditions are weird, so we may skip them anyway - I made the garter out of scraps so we wouldn't have any expense for the thing

Big, fresh flower bouquet for dd to be picked up Saturday morning


Decked out Cadillac - :D Dh's company is loaning him a 2013, fully outfitted with options, silver Cadillac to drive the happy couple between facilities and to the airport. It's an executive car so we were very pleased to find out that when the company hired him, they also promoted him in title from his job at HP and he's eligible to drive such a vehicle several times per year. YAH!!!! Otherwise, the newleyweds would have driven away in their very used, Saturn wagon.


Now, if you think this sounds like some high end, classical affair, please note that at the end of thirty minutes of gorgeous, classical preludes provided by yours truly, the processional will be - are ready for this - THE THEME TO JURASSIC PARK!!! Yes, you read that right. Dd and dsil, ever the sci-fi/action-adventure geeks, adore John Williams Music (what's not to love really) chose this. I try not to giggle at the thought of my daughter heading down the aisle to the music that produce, GIANT, MEET EATING LIZARDS!!


If that is not enough for you, then you should also know that the recessional is not going to be played by MOI, but instead will be a canned piece of music - a cd that my brother pops into the sound system - Theme from Star Trek IV the Voyage Home!!! James Horner, composer...well, if it wasn't another John Williams piece (thank goodness they didn't entertain Star Wars music for long), it was either Indiana Jones, or a good Jerry Goldsmith piece. Snicker, snicker...Dh, ever the prankster along with my brother have the them music to Jaws cued up for the rehearsal! I can't wait to see her face as she and her dad stand there waiting for me to play Jurassic Park - she'll be ordering the bridal party around telling them exactly where in the music she wants them to begin, etc. - and bam....JAWS!!!! This will be good for some ha-ha's. She doesn't know it but the pastor, a lost comedian if you ask me, intends on doing the "Mawage, is what bwings us togwer today. That dweam within a dweam!" from the Princess Bride - all of this of course at the rehearsal. Oh my....we are a weird family.


So, tell me...what.have.I.forgotten.



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My mind boggles. You have had your work cut out for you and done a fabulous job. I can't think of anything you've missed. As far as the music goes, I think it's fabulous! I love that they are truly putting their personal stamp on the day. I'd love to be a fly on the wall during the rehearsal. Brilliant!

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Guest submarines

I just read the list to my older two, and told them they better elope.

I hope your daughter has a great day! :)

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What a list! One thing I didn't see listed, but you probably already have is a cake knife.

Hopefully you will be able to relax and enjoy the day.



Great Scott!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you....this is why I needed the hive to look it over. I DON'T have a cake knife...it's on the list now.



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Sounds beautiful. Maybe a thank-you note for whoever is running the sound system? List of photos to be taken for the photographer? Knife to cut cake with? Snacks and water for wherever the girls are getting ready?



My brother is running sound...his favorite cake is white cake with white frosting...not sure why. Any road, dd is making a little one the day before just for him as a thank you. He will hate the flavors of wedding cake she and the groom chose.


The girls are all getting ready in different places and then driving to the church. We don't have the use of anything but the sanctuary and bathrooms at the church. So, as much as I'd like to provide that for them, it wouldn't be practical. Need to get a cake knife.


I'll ask dd if she made a list for the photographer. However, he has already been informed that because of her recent surgery, photos will be limited to a very small number of posed shots because she will already be tired of standing by the time the ceremony is over and we are keeping a chair handy in case she needs to sit down. He's going to have to go with a lot of spontaneous pics. She's healing well, but frankly, it is only going to be exactly three weeks and one day post-op and so she'll be watched closely for signs of fatigue.




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I didn't see the Dom Perignon 1982 mentioned. Keeping it down to one bottle reduces the chance that a few guests will make a fool of themselves but no wedding should be without a Dom!





In other words, I think you have more than enough and thank God someone reminded you of the cake knife! :laugh:

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I don't know if this needs to be mentioned, but we were given a lovely wedding cake knife and server set as a shower gift (which we used at the wedding). Turns out the knife was purely decorative (WHAT? WHY?) and it was really hard for the people cutting cake to cut. So beware the wedding cake knives... :)

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I thought you guys were just doing pie?? Just curious about the evolution of your dessert outlay . . .


Well, were it up to dd and dsil, there would be no cake. They just don't enjoy cake. However, some of the grandparents, ever the sticklers for tradition, thought this was ODD and ponied up to buy a nice, decorated wedding cake....so, now there is cake. The rest of the desserts are to delight dd and dsil. She is a pie person, he is a candy person...and since I'm a cookie person, though I can't have any because I've never found a decent sugar cookie recipe, the caterer is making some beautiful decorated cookies for the tables. I'm not certain if I had that on the list above.


Faith, who should be finishing a boutenierre, but Imp just called me and we had a nice chat which reminded me to come back to the thread and check to see what else I missed.

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An extra cake knife and server for the gluten-free cake? You won't want to share the same ones with the wedding cake.


Cutlery and serving spoons/forks?


You may want a set of cocktail-sized napkins for the dessert course. People always seem to waylay their dinner napkin or want a fresh one for dessert.


It all sounds great!

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