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Math Flash cards??

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Since we are now using 6th grade math, I'm thinking it's time to start doing math flash cards.


Each definition plus an example. Asssociative, commutative, Order of Operations, etc.


I know my kids will revolt at having more flashcards to make, but I really think it'll help a lot! Words like Exponent, Base, Quotient, etc. with an example underneath for a visual so studying doesn't get too wordy. My kids have been asking a lot lately things like "What's a quotient? What's a divisor?" etc.


Has anyone else tried this?

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My kids dislike flashcards. However I found these which may work for your purpose




In case your kids don't fancy flashcards, you might want to try printing out a math glossary or buying a math dictionary for them

83 page math glossary PDF

Dictionary of Mathematics Terms (Barrons Professional Guides) - amazon link, I like this one for K-12 math when I read it at B&N.

Oxford Concise Dictionary of Math (876 pages, nice to reference but I'll borrow a library copy)

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