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What chores for an 11 year old boy?


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I am redoing chore lists for my kids and need to make up ones for my foster son who is 11. We have a horse/hobby farm on 5 acres so lots of outside stuff to do but as he is a foster child and hasn't grown up with the tools/mowers/animals, etc. he can't do all the chores my other kids do for safety sake----but maybe later with some training (but would need to check foster care rules on letting 11 year old use mowers, weed wackers, ec)


What do you 10-12 year old boys do for chores? He is pretty willing but has had no real training in any sort of chores. We can do the basics of clean your room, bathroom, etc. but I would also like some more "manly"/outdoor chores for him as well.

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Aside from cleaning his own room, DS10's chores (some are pay chores):


wipes the kids' bathroom daily and cleans it weekly


feeds/waters the dog, scoops the dog poop, bathes dog


takes out the trash and takes out/brings in the trash/recycling bins to/from the curb on their respective days


washes/vacuums family van


carries in groceries (they all help with this)


puts away his own laundry (will soon teach him how to do his own and assign him a day)


folds and puts away towels


polices/tidies up back yard (they all do this)


helps DH with "guy stuff" outside and with the cars (as requested; he likes this)


I feel like I'm forgetting something...

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Our so-close-to-eleven-he-can-taste-it Punk does the following chores:




Wipe bathroom sink*

Water garden*

Pick garden produce*

Set/clear table*

Fold laundry

Care for pets

Make bed/pick up room

Empty kitchen trash*

Cook breakfast (2-3x/week)



Clean toilets*




Mow (he push mowers part of the yard while DH edges, then sweeps while DH finishes)

Clean countertops*


Pull weeds

Take trash

Cook supper

Take compost



* these are chores that rotate between members of the household.

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For outdoor stuff my boys (15 & 12) help with:

watering the lawn and trees (we live in the desert and have a lot of area so this is real work!)

feeding animals

cleaning the chicken coop


trimming bushes

cleaning up after dh has trimmed trees

dismantling household appliances that people give us for scrap metal

washing our cars (oldest is even learning to detail cars)


ETA: I can't believe I forgot one of the most important ones! Ridding the house of the wonderful presents our cats brings to us--live birds, mice and lizards. :)

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Thanks. These give me some more ideas. He wants to be helpful and will pitch in. He just never really learned even the basics of chores or picking up, etc. I would love to move him towards lawn mowing and weed wacking but need to check on foster care rules on operating machinery.

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