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History for 3rd Grade


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I am so unsure about what to use for history next year. In 1st grade we started SOTW which my dd liked fine. She didn't complain but she wasn't excited per se either. We only made it about 3/4 of the way before we started HOD Beyond. In HOD we studied American history and the book selections were a huge hit!!! That took us through around Dec (halfway to 2nd grade). I had planned on doing the next HOD guide, Bigger but wanted to wait until this fall (beginning of 3rd grade) to start so we have been doing Portraits of American Girlhood as a fun in between. It has also been a hit. I started looking at the Bigger guide and it schedules another year of American HIstory. I just don't know if I want to do another year of AH. I like the Bigger guide but by the time I change and supplement I have butchered it up so much it seems like the only thing I would be following exactly as written is the history and read aloud selections. Should I stick with it since I already have it, should I switch back to SOTW and if I do which book should I start with or should we just read books about history because my girls LOVE read alouds, especially biography type stories! They have such a love of history right now I don't want to squash it. Did any of this make sense??

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