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Teens Applying for Work When You Know

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He needs to be honest at any interviews. Around here, most employers want people who aren't leaving at the end of the summer, and rarely hire temps anymore. Exceptions for businesses that have major increases in the summer (camps, pools, movie theater).

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Ditto, generally during the interview is a good time to mention such conflicts. My teens both work and their employer has always been fine with pre-disclosed conflicts. Basically most of the kids take 1 week off or so.


OTOH, a friend of mine has her child going to three different summer camps and seems mystified as to why the teen can't get anyone to hire her. If it's more than a week or two most folks can't accomodate that.

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Nothing is said until the interview, at that point when the employer asks about availability my kids tell them they are able to work X-Y days however they have family vacation scheduled for such and such a week. ds14 has had to take 8 weekends off in a row at his job, during the interview he let them know that we had these obligations in the spring that required he have them off (he was hired back in november) and it has been no problem. Both teens are working this summer and we go to fammily bible camp for a week in august, they both explained they had family vacation and that was that. Unlike with adult workers, teens don't have the ability to plan their vacation for a different time, they are expected to go with the family and most employers understand that without a problem.

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