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Who's going to tackle Friday with me?

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I overslept an entire hour and now I'm still stumbling around here like a drunk. I think my muscle relaxant worked a little bit too well last night. Oh well, the day still needs to be tackled.


I'm caught up on the washing but now have about 4 loads to fold and put away.

Clean kitchen


No Zumba tonight due to the long weekend.

Want to get out in the yard and work there - if it will stop raining long enough.


Probably tons more but my brain isn't in gear yet.

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Having a bad day. It is 11 am. I have eaten and gotten dressed. Oh - and I managed after great contortions due to my tight muscles, to clip my toe nails.


I am going to work with dd in L.A. next. Since today's activities combine science with Language arts, we will be running to the grocery store to get some supplies.


One step in front of the other.

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before school care

2 loads laundry


pack kids for their trip


To Do:


pick up cookies to send with teens

go to bank to take out $ to send with teens

drop teens off with youth leader at church @ 2pm

take dd5 to ballet class @3 pm

clean kitchen

clean livingroom

move tv

clean rabbit cage

more laundry


finish making moccasins for me and ds9


Not a bad finish to a busy day, those last 3 items are bumped over to my Saturday list

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We just got home from homeschool baseball. DS6's age group is from 9-10am, and DS11's age group is from 10-11am.


I have a couple of goals:


Pick up a hold from the library


Pay bills

Finish planning chapter 14 for PNW History so the kids can do it next week.



Extras if there's time

Fold and put away laundry (have 3-4 loads waiting)

Plant more veggies

Finish grading DD13's math

Vacuum master bedroom

Clean my "desk"

Clean master bedroom

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We have returned a chick incubator to the cnty extension office where we rented it so far today. Next on the agenda is to have a late lunch w/dh and then take kids on a scout field trip. One of our local school districts has their first day of summer vacation today, so we scheduled the field trip for today. After that, I need to run a couple of errands on the way home.


No cooking planned today. lunch out, sandwiches for dinner since we have so much going on. I envy those of you getting cleaning done today. I will be doing that over the weekend!

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Back from grocery store and drug store. I finally broke down and asked a lady if school was out today since there were so many school-aged kids around - much more than when we usually go out. I guess half the private schools and half of the public schools have the day off. Most of them seem to be doing grocery shopping with mom or grandma!

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I got derailed and haven't accomplished anything on my list by lunch. In looking for the cheese grater in the dish drainer, I accidentally made the crockpot lid fall out. It landed on the tile floor....and boy does tempered glass shatter. Some of it somehow ended up all the way around the peninsula and up the other side. So DS ended up vacuuming the school room while I swept, vacuumed, and mopped the kitchen. Then I finished making lunch and eating before laying down with DD3 to get her down for a nap that she didn't want.

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